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Now before answering the question.. little about my background. I am 30 years old average or below average looking guy working in the IT industry withdrawing 80+k/month. Travelled around 15–16 countries in LATAM and Europe for assignments. Regarding my lifestyle and personality, am shy person with the new company but once am familiar with them , I can mingle easily. Living in Pune city with two 2-bhk flats at prime location (evaluation of a single flat around 1cr+ ). Thanks to my parents, they have already bought this property even before my first salary has been credited to my bank account. So, basically I do not have any burden of loan or EMI’s for now… About my family, I have lost my mother 12 years back and living with my father and sister. Now you must be thinking that I am show off guy but trust me these are the materialistic properties which are pivotal in arrange marriages.

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