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Speed governor or road speed limiter is a device used to measure and regulate the speed of a machine such as an engine.Sabo speed limiters are the most effective for vehicles with electronic engines and accelerator pedals.The speed governor comply with Kenya standard,Europe and Amercia Standard.We’re specialized in manufacturing and sales of Speed Governor with online real time tracking functions as below.

1. Maximum road speed limiters for motor vehicles

2. Tamperproof

3. Easy to detect tampering

4. Speed sensor used to limit speed

5. Prewarn speeding drivers, buzzle sound alarm

6. Data retrieved by use of USB flash

7. In an installation speed governor will be hidden in a place not accessible by unauthorized people

8. Violations can be printout by portable printer

9. Violations will be transimitted to administrators' emails or mobile phone

10. Real time fleet gps tracking

   Speed Governor With GPS Tracker Recorder company

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