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WPC Fence outdoor handrail
ModelSize(mm)Lenghth(m) ViewDescription
GF001A70x70mm1.85mAluminium Post
GF00338x20mm1.82mAluminium bottom   
GF004A30x20mm1.82mAluminium top
GF00721.79x11.28mm1.85mAluminium side
      cover for post
GW303258x20mm1.83mWpc Fence
accessories set
a. PE post cap(1)   
b. steel baseplate(1)
c. screws for connecting baseplate to post(4)
d. insertion piece for connecting post to top and bottom cover (4)   
e. screws for insertion piece(8)   
f. stainless expansion screws for steelbaseplate(4)
InstallationWPC Fence

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